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Sustainability at WVC

What is sustainability?

Sustainability means everyone has access to the benefits of a clean environment, a just society, and an equitable economy.

What does sustainability involve?

  • Reduce, reuse, repair, redesign and recycle.
  • Respect our planet and all those who live on it.

What is WVC doing?

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  • Relying on clean, renewable hydropower and solar energy
  • Conserving energy through occupancy sensors and LED lights
  • Reducing waste, improving recycling, and composting
  • Protecting our water supply
  • Maintaining our Tree Campus USA Higher Education certification
  • Working toward our National Wildlife Federation bronze certification in plastic reduction
  • Providing access to healthcare
  • Growing organic food in the campus garden and donating food to the hungry
  • Commuting by electric buses and by bicycles
  • Addressing our carbon footprint by promoting Idle Free Zones in all parking lots
  • Teaching and learning about our natural environment, cultural diversity and equal access for all.


Questions? Want to get involved? Contact the sustainability coordinator at

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