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Your Current 进展程度

You can check your progress on the degree you are currently pursuing by using the 进展程度 Tool in ctcLink. 

  1. After logging into ctcLink, use the Menu 选择 学者 然后 进展程度
  2. 选择 name of your degree under the pie chart to view more information. 一般 information on the degree will be displayed below, and degree requirements will show 在右边. 
  3. 如果你 select a specific requirement, Social Science for example, it will expand to show the status on that requirement and the class or classes that were used to meet the requirement, if applicable. 
  4. On each requirement, you can select the 查看课程 button to see the classes that can be used to satisfy the requirement. 

For a printable version of these instructions, 点击这里.


进展程度 工具 will only show you the progress you have made on your current degree. 如果你 want to see what you would need to do for a different degree without changing it, 你可以使用 假设 工具. 

  1. After logging into ctcLink, use the Menu 选择 学者,然后 假设
  2. 选择 创建报告 button. 
  3. 新报告 page, enter information on the degree you want to dreate a report on and select the 提交报告 button. Below are some tips on how to create a report. 
    1. You will want 选择 information working left to right, top to bottom. 改变 the selection in a drop-down box higher up will often reset the boxes lower down. 
    2. 的re are three types of programs to choose from: Academic, Baccalaureate, and Professional 技术.
      1. Academic lists the main transfer degrees like the Associate of Arts and Sciences, Associate of 公共汽车iness, and Associate of Science.
      2. Baccalaureate lists the four-year degrees like the Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Bachelor of Applied Science 在教学. 
      3. Professional 技术 lists the technical degrees and certificates like the Associate in Nursing, Graphic Design, and Industrial Tech Machining. 
    3. Be sure 选择 Major from the 计划类型 下拉.
    4. 如果你 are looking at a Professional 技术 program, be sure to double check that you have selected the correct 计划. Many Professional 技术 programs have two-year degree 选项 and shorter certificate 选项. 
      1. 的 two-year degrees will include Associate, ATS, or AAST in their title (e.g.副 in Nursing DTA/MRP, 公共汽车iness ATS, Pharmacy Technician AAST). 
      2. 的 certificate 选项 will include a C followed by a number in their title (e.g., ECE 一般 C20, Medical Assistant C45).
  4. 假设 scenario will display a similar way to the 进展程度, but you will also be able to get a PDF report. Once you have run a 假设 scenario, it will be saved to 假设页面. 


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