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Washington 台面 is one of the 11 “台面 States” in the national 台面 USA network. 数学, Engineering, Science Achievement (台面) is nationally recognized for its innovative and effective academic development program. For more information about 台面, click 在这里 台面

Washington 台面 believes t在这里 are many benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace. T在这里fore, our programs are targeted to increase representation of women, African Americans, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific islanders 在STEM领域.

Feel free to contact us at if 你 feel that the WA 台面 Program at 皇冠8868会员登录 Valley College is a good fit for 你!



Diverse student populations in Washington State have the educational support and tools to create innovative solutions as they become the next leaders 在阀杆.


We empower underrepresented students by providing them a community that supports their pathways to higher education 在阀杆, through mentorships, academic programs, and interactive workshops.

台面资源 & 好处

台面 offers a friendly and comfortable space w在这里 students gather to study and engage 在阀杆. Members of 台面 receive a unique combination of enrichment activities, academic support, industry involvement and an encouraging community environment.

台面 students have access to a dedicated student center (located in Eller-Fox 3016),  w在这里 they can gather to study, meet with tutors, make new friends and engage in science. At the 台面 center, students have access to computers, whiteboards, a refrigerator and microwave, and copies of the latest STEM textbooks. 台面 students will also find noteworthy science news and internship opportunities posted at the center.

台面 students learn how to successfully master complex technical ideas and principles using a collaborative approach with the help of faculty experts. 学生将扩大 their abilities beyond the normal curriculum by occasionally meeting with faculty experts to discuss challenging topics and design peer-facilitated workshops.

台面 provides college application workshops, visits to four-year institutions, and development and review of 你r personal statement to ensure successful transfer to 大学.

学生 work closely with the 台面 team to create an educational plan that breaks down the necessary courses needed each quarter to meet pre-requirements for their 目的主要.

 学生 are exposed to a variety of STEM career options through contacts with industry, field trips, career fairs, guest speakers and internship opportunities.